Everything You Must Find Out About Borderline Ovarian Tumors

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Borderline ovarian tumors are generally tumors that have the tendency to turn malignant with cells that seem like cancer cells or ovarian tumors which are in the preliminary stages of malignancy. These kinds of tumors are epithelial tumors that build up and thrive on the ovaries . A biopsy is typically performed on them after they are surgically removed. Treatment is determined by the findings.

These types of ovarian tumors have been being diagnosed in women of all ages since the late 1920s although they were then known as semi-malignant tumors. This phrase primarily helped separate these from other tumors that were considered to be malignant or were benign. It was in the 1970's that quite a lot of the medical professionals used this term to make a distinction between benign , borderline or even malignant tumors. Of all the ovarian tumors that are identified each year, nearly 15% of them happen to be epithelial tumors. It is believed that childbearing women are more prone to develop these types of tumors, but nevertheless they can equally develop in females of all ages. Seeing that borderline ovarian tumors grow at an extremely slow rate, they are generally identified in routine medical checks prior to them progessing to an awfully critical stage of malignancy. It is common for these to be confined within the ovary when they are discovered . As a result , the survival rate of women suffering from this type of tumor is really high.

The medical diagnosis of this kind of ovarian tumor is somewhat challenging since their signs or symptoms show up rather late and a number of women do not even have any symptoms at all. As the tumor starts growing , women start complaining of abdominal pain as well as an unexplainable girth increase round the waist and abdomen. They might have an abdominal mass and also abdominal distention, nevertheless one quarter of the females who are clinically determined are asymptomatic . Although the sources of these types of ovarian cancer are not verified, the medical community links them to age of first menstrual period , age of first conception, age of first delivery, smoking , oral contraceptives, menstrual history as well as family history of ovarian cancer . These kinds of ovarian tumors have two main subtypes. The most commonly diagnosed ones are Serous tumors, that are thought to arise from the tissue lining of the ovary. The source of Mucinous tumors is nevertheless still a confusion. Investigation indicates that particular kinds of tumors are indubitably linked with the appendix.

Proper treatment for borderline ovarian tumors is typically performed by surgical removal of the tumor . The tumor is then forwarded for biopsy to figure out if cancer cells have spread causing a danger to encircling tissue and organs.
Patients are occasionally required to go through radiation therapy or chemotherapy as a preventative measure. Even though the operative removal of these types of tumors is rather controversial with regards to childbearing women , hardly any other treatment at present has been found to have optimistic results . The mere contraindication of surgical procedure typically come up when affected individuals either decline this treatment or face a threat as a result of other medical conditions. Almost every other case necessitates surgery for treatment. The outcome of sufferers clinically diagnosed and surgically treated is excellent, with a majority of women being relieved.

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